We offer competitive packages and our preventive maintenance programs are tailored to meet your needs or to the highest standards in the industry.  Service Électro-Mécanique V / V focuses its interventions using a simple preventive maintenance program, which allows to observe a significant reduction in the number of mechanical failures within six ( 6) months after the implementation of the program.

maintenance-preventiveInvesting in preventive maintenance is beneficial for you :

  • Extends the lifespan of your machines and industrial equipment;
  • Fewer breakdowns, failures and downtime;
  • Optimal use of mechanical equipment up delaying the investment in equipment modernization;
  • Appropriate choice of “modernizations” features that can be done at minimal cost ;
  • Profitability of installations which have been modernized;
  • Lower costs in equipment reparation;
  • Limiting the number of spare parts;

The experience of the team at Service Électro-Mécanique V / V also demonstrates that investing in preventive maintenance has another very important benefit:  It improves the safety of your equipment by eliminating health hazards to workers. A good preventive maintenance program on machinery and equipment could thus allow you to detect anomalies before an accident in order to avoid or reduce the consequences.