Service électro-mécanique V/V offers services in industrial mechanics, preventive maintenance and industrial health and safety work. Our solutions are economical and durable for the repair of machinery, improving the performance and lifespan of equipment, while prioritizing the safety and quality of our work.



Service Electro-mécanique V/V is an employer of choice and aims to be recognized not as the biggest, but the best entrepreneur in industrial mechanics, preventive maintenance and industrial health and safety at work. To achieve this, we rely on our staff to innovate and develop new solutions that will satisfy the needs of our customers.



  • Satisfy our customers by providing high-performance work teams;
  • Develop the skills of our staff so that it can remain competitive with respect to the needs and expectations dictated by the market;
  • Provide customized electro-mechanical service;
  • Promote integrity, loyalty and efficiency;
  • Treat customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues respectfully and fairly, while being attentive to their needs.

Our strengths

  • Competent team ;
  • Meeting the industry standards;
  • Simple approach ;
  • Rigor and efficiency ;
  • Constant concern for return on investment ;


Since its creation in 2006, Service Électro-Mécanique V/V has built a solid relationship of trust with its industrial customers. Thanks to a long-term vision and our ability to offer effective electro- mechanical solutions, our existing customers remain loyal to our company and do not hesitate to refer us to other potential customers .


Our team of technicians and specialists put their years of experience at your disposal to ensure diligent provision of quality service and to provide innovative solutions to your challenges and issues.


  • Tinsmith;
  • Extrusion / injection (plastic)
  • Alimentary
  • Cabinetmaking
  • Chemical
  • Machining