Pneumatic & hydraulic systems

Our team of qualified electro-mechanics is able to offer a wide range of solutions to make the repair, installation and modification of pneumatic and hydraulic systems on a wide variety of industrial machines.

Our services include:

Quick and effective diagnosis of faults / defects of your industrial equipment;

Repair and replacement with reliable components;

Energy loss analysis of your machinery;

Pneumatic systems modifications;

Design of hydraulic systems;

mecanique electrique

Electrical Systems

We have the expertise to complete the repair ( failure analysis / fault ) , installation and modification of electrical systems on your industrial equipment.

  • Our services include:
  • Quick diagnosis of various electrical circuits;
  • Solving power and control issues ;
  • Troubleshooting motor issues; Motor refurbishment;
  • Electrical modification.

All our interventions are subject to numerous tests, thoroughly verified and rigorous audits. Our approach enables you to make sure everything is in compliance with current industry rules and your expectations.